Installing Countly Android SDK

Installing Android SDK requires two very easy steps. Countly Android SDK uses OpenUDID (which comes ready with the zip file). First you need to make sure that OpenUDID requirements are met, following the steps below:

1. Add this to your manifest:

  • Add and to your project under Eclipse.
<service android:name="org.openudid.OpenUDID_service">
        <action android:name="org.openudid.GETUDID" />

2. Add main Countly SDK to your project using steps below:

  • Add to your project under Eclipse.
  • Call Countly.sharedInstance().init(context, "https://YOUR_SERVER", "YOUR_APP_KEY") in onCreate, which requires your App key and the URL of your Countly server (use for Countly Cloud).
  • Call Countly.sharedInstance().onStart() in onStart.
  • Call Countly.sharedInstance().onStop() in onStop.

Additionally, make sure that INTERNET permission is set if there's none in your manifest file.

Note: Make sure you use App Key (found under Management -> Applications) and not API Key. Entering API Key will not work.

Note: Call init only once during onCreate of main activity. After that, for each onStart and onStop for each activity, call Countly onStart and onStop.

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