Powerful product analytics across all apps and devices

Mobile Analytics
In-app usage analytics, user profiles, rich push notifications and crash analytics for all major mobile platforms
Web Analytics
Analytics, visitor profiles and error reporting for your web applications and web sites
Desktop Analytics
Analytics and crash reporting for your Mac and Windows applications
IoT Analytics
Analytics and error reporting for your Internet of Things devices

Desktop Analytics

Track all important metrics and interactions using custom events
Track user interactions, button clicks, statuses or any other important metric in your desktop application. Simple JSON based custom event mechanism lets you send data into Countly together with any other attribute which we call segments. Using Events view you can visualise your events over time or get a breakdown of events based on your segments.
Custom event tracking for desktop applications
User flow analysis
Visualize your application user behaviour automatically using flows
Automatically visualise custom event paths of your users. See common paths, which actions are most popular and optimize your desktop application's user experience based on data. Compare flows of different user groups by applying filters based on any user or general level property.
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Dive into individual application user level data and their actions
User Profiles lets you track individual level user information and their actions. Attach properties to your users to later segment your data based on values of these properties. Detailed user profile view lets you see all past sessions of your users, event timelines in these sessions and funnel completion rates.
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User profiles for desktop analytics

Crash Analytics

Track fatal or non-fatal crashes in your desktop applications, in real-time. See detailed stack traces and send custom log information with each crash to make it easier for developers to fix the problem. Countly crash analytics will let you prevent crashes before they start to affect your business.


Attribution Analytics gives you a summary of all acquisition sources and campaigns, e.g promotional blog posts and Twitter. You can segment users based on acquisition sources to understand which campaigns lead to more conversions. Also, you can use this attribution data to filter other reports such as retention, funnels and customer profiles based on customer acquisition source.

Revenue Analytics

Track customer purchases in your desktop application including purchase amount, item and any other breakdown you need. Revenue analytics will show you critical information such as avg. revenue per customer, paying customer rate and revenue over time. Filter all your user profile, session and custom event data based on whether a user made a purchase before or total purchase amount.

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