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Countly Enterprise is a cutting-edge analytics and marketing platform with advanced features such as user profiles, rich push notifications, and granular data access. Countly Academic Program (CAP) provides institutions the right to use Countly Enterprise for academic and instructional purposes. The program provides simple, fixed, non-volume based pricing that fits the diverse needs of the global higher education community. Accredited academic institutions may install Countly Enterprise on their servers (either on-site or in the cloud) for an annual fee of $500.

Educational institutions participating to CAP gain access to Countly Enterprise for instructional and non-commercial research purposes. Under the CAP, participating institutions will:

Receive Countly Enterprise server packages to be installed in a laboratory environment or in a cloud environment under the institution’s supervision
Receive full SDK source code, enabling students to examine and make modifications as required
Receive full documentation related to storing, analyzing and visualizing analytics data

CAP participants will also receive, when available, updates to the included products.

University of Charlotte and Countly collaborate to create new digital capabilities in academy
Countly’s academic program enabled us to create a real world mobile analytics experience for our students. By using the Countly software, students were able to collect app data, and analyze this information using Countly’s intuitive dashboard. As a result, our students are better prepared for using and interpreting mobile analytics in real world situations upon graduation.


In order to be eligible for this program, your institution should grant a degree, offering 2-6 year programs or equivalent. Technical schools offering distance education may also be eligible.

Additional Guidelines

Countly grants CAP participants a site license provided that:

Countly is used solely for instructional and not-for-profit research purposes, and not used in a commercial environment
If multiple groups share the same license, then all groups involved in this program should meet the not-for-profit and non-commercial criteria
Hardware (or VMs) on which Countly Enterprise is installed must be under the complete supervision of the IT department of the licensing academic institution

Countly works directly with an administrator (e.g. a member of the institution’s staff and not a student or teaching assistant) from the participating institution. Licenses obtained through this program may not be used outside the institution.

Use of Countly software for instruction and research aims is governed by the CAP program guidelines and corresponding EULA to be signed between Countly and academic institution.


If you are ready to proceed with obtaining a Countly Academic Program license or have any additional questions please contact us.
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