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Mobile Analytics

Learn more about your user behaviors and get insights about their in-app behavior. More information

Push Notifications

Send targeted notifications to your users to increase retention and loyalty. More information

Crash reports

See which users are affected by crashes and exceptions, and take necessary precautions. More information 

User Profiles

Understand what users do individually, by examining profiles, purchase history and sessions. More information

Attribution tracking

Learn where your users are referred from and track your mobile campaigns. More information


Easily answer complex and interactive questions by drilling down to granular data. More information

True real-time

Compared to other solutions that give you answers after hours, Countly is a true real-time solution.
This is a clear advantage in today’s fast-paced, increasingly competitive world.


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Mobile application & marketing analytics

Countly is world’s leading open source mobile analytics and mobile marketing platform tracking 600M+ unique identities. It provides insights about user actions inside your mobile application and helps you improve your product.

Countly servers track thousands of Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps worldwide.

Increase loyalty, engagement & satisfaction with push

Send push notifications at exactly the right moment to your customers with ease. Countly push notification service helps increase user loyalty and retention by up to 30%.

More about push notifications
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Track individual users

Whether 10 or 10 million in number, retrieve and analyze every detail about your users, from name to last seen date, from personal photo to organization. Get details on their past actions, including sessions, buying habits and more.

More about user profiles

Get real-time crash reports for iOS & Android

With Countly crash analytics, monitor performance of your Android and iOS applications and take necessary actions to increase mobile app performance. With the help of real-time backend, Countly can show which errors are trending in real-time, or which operating system(s) and versions has the most number of crashes, helping developer remedy issues before they hit your users.

More about crash analytics

crash reports for iOS & Android


Track effectiveness of your campaigns

Referral analytics gives a summary of all acquisition sources and campaigns, e.g Facebook or Twitter. Select a source and you’ll see campaign details together with user conversion %, click conversion % and campaign cost. You can also create multiple campaigns and compare their efficiency. With referral analytics, answer questions like:

  • Which campaign delivered you more users for lesser amount of money?
  • Which campaign users are engaged more and have more sessions?
  • Which campaign’s user’s have earned you more money?

More about referral tracking
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Support for all smart devices

Countly supports all 4 major platforms, iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. What’s more, it’s easy to write your own SDK thanks to extensible Countly framework.

Additional SDKs for platforms such as Appcelerator, Unity3D, Mac OS X and others are available from Countly’s vibrant developer community.

They are part of Countly community