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Latest stable release
Version 13.10

Released: 18 Oct, 2013

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Open source mobile app analytics

Countly is world’s leading open source mobile analytics platform tracking 500M+ unique identities. It provides insights about user actions inside your mobile application and helps improve your product.

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True real-time

Compared to other solutions that give you answers after hours, Countly is true real-time solution. This is a clear advantage in today’s fast-paced, increasingly competitive world.

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Support for all smart devices

Countly supports all 4 major platforms, iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. What’s more, it’s easy to write your own SDK thanks to extensible Countly framework.

Countly community provides additional SDKs including Appcelerator Titanium, Unity3D as well as desktop analytics (Mac OS X)

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Missing your stats on the go?

Countly mobile dashboard for iPhone and Android helps you monitor your app's performance 24x7. Also available for enterprises.


Ian Tearle @IanTearle

Yet again @gocountly have excelled themselves with fantastic support and even greater mobile analytics!

Joshua Howlandi @jkhowland

I freakingly love @gocountly.

Vadim Shpakovski @vadimshpakovski

Awesome @gocountly is free and open source. How is it even possible? Kudos guys!

Joon Kyoung @firejune

Thank you and all supporters for this awesome project

Jens @DASKAja

Seriously consider to swap out FlurrySDK in favor of Countly

Saul Kropman @saulkropman

Countly describes one of its features as "We are über-cool". Can't fault that.

Luca Filigheddu @lucafiligheddu

Seriously, Countly dashboard is impressive.

Justus Beyer @justusbeyer

Countly is a nice piece of software. Thanks from Berlin!

Felipe Cypriano @fmcypriano

Mobile analytics that doesn't sell your data for ads. Run on your server for free