Countly is priced on a data point system - your plan is priced not on the features you use or the number of Countly platform users, but on the basis of the data you collect.
Enterprise Edition
Customizable, scalable, powerful.
A game changer for analytics.
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On-premise or in the cloud
Premium Countly plugins
Granular data
Service level agreement
Re-branding option
Custom plugin development services
Custom SDK development services
Analytics consultancy
Community Edition
Your own analytics server.
Power of open source meets analytics.
Self hosted
Basic Countly plugins
Aggregated data
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Why do we have data point-based pricing?
  • It’s more cost-effective for businesses
  • It leads to a robust analytics strategy
  • It’s completely customizable to meet your needs
  • It gives you access to all Countly features
  • It gives you the freedom to add as many users as needed

One platform. Built for everyone.

Countly has a solution for every product team, large or small, to finally have 100% data ownership and control over analytics data.
Type of license on which the agreement is based.
Pricing model.
Subscription (Based on Data points)
Customer support available.
Community forum
Options available for installation of Countly and data processing/storing.
On-premise / Cloud (Self or Countly-hosted)
Operating system
Operating system requirements to host Countly.
Ubuntu / RHEL
Web Analytics
Collection and analysis of all web-based applications.
Mobile application analytics and marketing for all major platforms
Collection and analysis of all mobile-based applications, on all leading platforms, inclusing iOS and Android among others.
Desktop application analytics for MacOS and Windows
Collection and analysis of desktop-based applications, on both MacOS and Windows.
Server Analytics
Collection and analysis of server/backend data and APIs, in addition to website data.
REST based write API for any platform
Collection and analysis of data on other non-supported systems via open APIs to write own requests.
User Analytics
Part of the Analytics Feature Set, this includes an overview of users and online user analytics.
User Loyalty
Part of the Analytics Feature Set, this includes all user activity tracking, with a focus on users slipping away and detailed time of the day breakdown.
Session Analytics
Part of the Analytics Feature Set, this includes all session details such as durations, frequency, and views per session among other session analytics.
Part of the Analytics Feature Set, this includes the sources of acquisition and searched terms (for web apps).
Part of the Analytics Feature Set, this covers a detaild geographical breakdown including countries, languages, and activity maps.
Part of the Analytics Feature Set, this offers a deep dive into the users' technology, including devices and device types, platforms, app versions, carriers and browsers, resolutions, and densities.
Part of the Analytics Feature Set, this includes details of page and screen views.
Part of the Analytics Feature Set, this includes a breakdown of engagement at various pages.
Customized Dashboards
Set up custom dashboards unique to your user profile so that you can view and follow trends that are of individual interest to you at a quick glance.
This features enables you to track your retention statistics, and identify what is causing retention or lack thereof.
Identify and set up custom events that can help you track various points of interaction between your app and your users.
Track revenue generated from specific events in real-time, and explore revenue trends for selected periods.
User Profiles
A detailed look into the users using your application, including detailed personal information and the ability to track users' activity across multiple events and features.
Set up groups to track user behavior, and take multiple actions for users as they enter and exit these groups.
Track conversions and customer journey across multiple steps for various interactions, identifying where users drop off and why.
Drill (Advanced Segmentation)
Deep dive into any session, view, error, event, or even feedback data to identify and work upon patterns and trends.
Set up any formula to track crucial numbers and trends, using data from any other feature as parameters within the formulae.
Identify and track flow of customers as they navigate through your app to better understand customer journeys.
Push Notifications
Engage with and encourage your users to take action by sending them notifications at desired times, including messages with different media, in different languages, and targeted at users based on properties or behavior.
Ask up to 5 questions in a single survey to get valuable user intelligence, and target your surveys based on in-app behavior and user properties.
Measure your customer experience and loyalty using Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) surveys.
Ask your users how they feel about a certain page, view or transaction. Collect ratings and comments.
Track crashes in desktop and mobile applications and Javascript errors in your web applications, and enable quick resolution.
Keep track of your applications' network requests and perform code level profiling.
Symbolicate stack traces.
Jira Integration
Create and synchronize Jira issues directly from Countly Crash Analytics.
Remote Config
Change the behavior and appearance of your application without needing to update it, test new touches on user groups, and take informed decisions on product enhancements.
A/B Testing
Create experiments to find the best performing variants of your remote config variables.
Report Manager
Part of Utilities, Report Manager allows you to access all big queries that are run on features and may take too long to run.
Part of Utilities, Alerts allows you to set up and receive email alerts based on personalized metric changes to stay on top of crucial data.
Data Manager
Part of Utilities, Data Manager allows you to perform transformations on events or user properties, manage data types and events, maintain and plan data, and validate unexpected events.
Data Populator
Part of Utilities, Data Populator allows you to populate Countly with sample data related to sessions, events, crashes, in-app purchases, push notifications, and user profiles so that you can have an understanding of what reporting will look like when you go live.
Config Transfer
Part of Utilities, Config Transfer allows you to easily choose individual or complete existing configurations, such as an A/B Testing experiment or entire Cohorts, export them to a .json file, and simply import them to any other Countly instance.
Compliance Hub
Part of Utilities, Compliance Hub allows you to keep your user consents under control and always be on top of subject data requests such as data exports and purges.
Filtering Rules
Part of Utilities, Filtering Rules allows you to filter incoming requests from the SDKs that match criteria you define.
Email Reports
Setting up periodic email reports on a customizable schedule, for any data of your choice, including but not limited to users, sessions, events, crashes, custom dashboards.
Creating locations to be used in push notifications so as to target different geographies for engagement.
Application Management
Part of Management, Application Management allows you to set up and manage all your applications that are being tracked through Countly.
Part of Management, Plugins allows you to enable and/or disable plugin features to track additional metrics.
DB Viewer
Part of Management, DB Viewer allows you to explore all Countly MongoDB collections through the user interface.
Part of Management, Logs includes Request and Server Logs.
Data Migration
Part of Management, Data Migration allows you to migrate data from one Countly server to another with ease
Two-factor Authentication (2FA)
Enforce Two-factor authentication via Google and Microsoft authenticator apps to all your dashboard users.
reCAPTCHA adds an extra layer of security to logins by displaying a captcha if the user fails to login multiple times.
Role-based User Management
User Management allows you to set up and update access settings to provide specific levels of access to specific Countly users in your organization.
Configurable Password Policies
Set up specific configerations on password complexity, password expiration, and re-use of passwords, among others.
Audit Logs
All dashboard user actions (and actions made using tokens) that affect data are logged in a HIPAA compliant way
Duplicate data from multiple apps into a single app.
White Labeling
Customize your Countly user interface by changing the logo, button, and menu colors in an intuitive way.
Part of Management, Hooks allows you to trigger external HTTP endpoints and receive emails based on incoming data and internal events, giving you a new way to use the power of Countly data to feed external systems.
Ensure distribution of server load to offset data collection in peak and non-peak trends. Only available for Google Cloud hosting.
Active Directory (SSO)
Single Sign-on through Microsoft Active Directory (AD).
Azure AD (SSO)
Single Sign-on through Azure AD.
Okta (SSO)
Single Sign-on through Okta.
Single Sign-on through LDAP.
Cognito (SSO)
Single Sign-on through Cognito.
Server Maintanance
Maintenance of self-hosted/on-premise servers.
Server Installation
Installation of self-hosted/on-premise servers.
Data Migration
Migration of data from other databases and storage to Countly.
Custom Development
Customization of plugin features for specific use cases, where possible.
SDK Integration Support
Support to integrate SDK into an app or website and beging tracking with Countly.
Plugin Development Support
Development of specific features, where possible, that can be integrated into your Countly instance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Countly Enterprise pricing work?

In order to better understand how we can help you, we first hold an online meeting. Afterwards we send you a quote and deployment plan if you'd like to go with an on-premise deployment. Our quotes have a tiered structure so you'll always know what you'll be paying if your volume increases or decreases.

Can I try Countly Enterprise?

Yes. You can try Countly on-premises or in the cloud. Please contact us to arrange your trial.

Do I have to self host Countly Enterprise?

Countly can be deployed on-premises with ease, but we also offer it in a fully managed and dedicated cloud setting. In either case you'll always get VIP support from our experienced team.

What will happen to my data after the trial?

If you want to keep using Countly Enterprise in the cloud we'll seamlessly move and redirect all your data to your dedicated instance. If you'd like to migrate to an on-premise Countly Enterprise instance we will help you hands-on to do so.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Countly Enterprise subscription payments can be made via wire transfer and all major credit cards. Invoicing is available for all payment and subscription types.
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