Unified mobile analytics & marketing platform on a single dashboard

Increase loyalty, user retention & satisfaction with push notifications

Re-engage your users anywhere, anytime with rich and interactive push messaging

10-minute setup

10-minute setup

Countly SDK installs in less than 15 minutes and provides an easy to use environment send push messages via dashboard or programmatically via API.

Send videos and images

Send videos and images

Countly’s rich push feature allows you to send eye-catching videos and images, increasing open rate and retention of your customers.

True real-time

True real-time

Thanks to Countly’s powerful backend, you can monitor the conversion of your push notifications in real-time, without having to wait for hours to see first results.

Available for iOS and Android

Available for iOS and Android

Countly push notifications are available for world’s major smartphone platforms, iOS and Android.


Re-engage users with ease

Push helps increase user loyalty and retention up to 30% – an important increase in long-term value of each user. With Countly push notifications, it’s even easier now.

Right content to right person 

How many customers will you lose when you send a Chinese push notification to an English-speaking user? Countly’s intuitive user interface helps you avoid such errors.

More power with scheduled delivery

Send a message to all your customers at once or use Countly’s scheduled features to deliver the right notification at the right time.

1 message, multiple apps

Countly push notifications helps you send the same message, to all of your apps at once, be it 2 or 200. This great feature greatly saves your time and energy.

Deep link to your app 

Countly can be used to send your users directly inside your app, using deeplink technology. Just define your deeplink and send them to a product, in-app basket or registration page.

Great analytics features

When users open your message, they can do several things at once. Those actions can be recorded and then analyzed later, to get greater insights.

Ideal communication and marketing environment

Drive more sales

Drive more sales

Help user recover an abandoned card

Help increase sales by suggesting new products

Deliver an offer or promotion by segmentation

Increase Engagement

Increase Engagement

Send a great offer to loyal users

Deliver breaking news or instant content

Make a great announcement to a group of users

Easy to use interface

Push notifications features at a glance

  • Send rich push with image, video or sound
  • Send interactive push with buttons
  • Show delivery rate, enabling percentage and action percentage
  • Show all users and messaging-enabled users
  • Send now or schedule sending
  • Send message, sound, badge, custom data or any combination of these
  • Send to production or test devices
  • Send to two platforms at the same time
  • Send push notifications with a URL
  • Send push notification with a deeplink
  • Send message to a group of users defined by a segmentation
  • Send a message to an individual user
  • Send notifications to all users in a geographical area
  • Send push notifications with a JSON object (data)
  • Send message in different languages
  • Get and review localization percentage of all users
  • Send background push (silent messaging)


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