Online Users

Visualize online users in the last 24-hours and get alerts when thresholds you define are passed
The Online Users feature is available only in the Enterprise Edition. If you'd like to see it in action, you can or contact us to see a demo.

The Online Users feature adds the following capabilities to Countly:

  • A widget in the platform Overview section to display currently online users and average users per minute in the last hour
  • A Dashboards feature widget that you can use in your custom dashboards
  • A dedicated Online Users section under the Analytics menu in your sidebar

With this dedicated Online Users section you can:

  • Display average online users per hour in the last 24 hours on a time series chart
  • Display average online users per minute in the last hour on a time series chart
  • Show top metrics for currently online users, such as countries and devices
  • Display 30-day high and low online user values and top 3 high and low values
  • Compare online users across applications
  • Configure alerts to receive an email when a threshold is passed, such as when a new all time or 30-day record
Countly online users overview
Countly online users
Countly online users compare
Countly online users alerts
Countly online users dashboards
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