Automated Push

Send triggered push notifications to your app users based on their in-app behavior
Push Notifications
Automated Push comes with Rich Push Notifications Plugin in the Enterprise Edition. If you'd like to see it in action, contact us to see a demo.

Re-engage your users. Automagically.

Create push notification campaigns that are automatically delivered to your users based on their in-app actions.

Behavior-based triggers

Trigger messages based on when a user enters into or exits from a behavior-based cohort, such as users who put an item in the cart in the last 7 days but didn't complete the purchase.

Powerful delivery options

Send triggered push messages in the users' timezone, cap messages per user in a given time frame, or choose when to deliver the message once certain conditions are met.

Rich message content

Add image, video, and sound content to your push notifications. Include up to two buttons to guide your customers to the right place in your app using deep-links or any URL.

Message localization

Use the users' language distribution data gathered through Countly to localize your message content and button texts and set the right button links for right language.


Get access to overall analytics such as how many messages were sent and acted upon, as well as data on a campaign level such as how many users clicked which button.

Deliver custom data

Deliver JSON based payloads to your application together with your push messages or via data-only messages that don't have any message content.

Unlock the next level in user engagement

Use cases in which Countly Automated Push will drive up your customer engagement and sales.
Increase sales by suggesting products relevant to customers' past choices
Help customers recover from an abandoned cart or goal completion
Deliver campaigns based on customer activity and loyalty
Nudge users in the right direction towards desired paths
Improve the onboarding experience by sending tips at the right milestones
Bring users back to your application at the right moment and reduce churn
To use this plugin, review the Automated Push User Guide here.
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