Countly vs Google Analytics

Countly is a Google Analytics alternative.

Here’s why you should consider switching…

We value each user

Your data is based on user profiles and custom events. This helps get information about each user individually.

Complete solution

With Countly, you get a complete mobile & web application management platform, including analytics, crash reports, user profiles, push notifications and attribution analytics.

Your data, your rules

With the option to install on-prem (self-hosted), data that may include personally identifiable information (PII) never gets out of your security zone. Simply put, you own your data.

Built for mobile & web

Countly has been built for mobile analytics from ground-up. With its intuitive, simple yet powerful interface, you get insights related to mobile. No concepts of screen views, web pages and other distractors.

Events & Views at core

Google Analytics collects events and pageviews, and uses this information to track in-app behaviour.

Tied to analytics

Google Analytics provides mobile analytics and referral tracking. With basic crash reports and no basic or complex push notifications, it falls short to give an end-to-end mobile platform.

3rd party servers

Data collected via Google Analytics API is stored on 3rd party servers and is sampled when required. This may impose security issues for markets requiring strict regulatory and privacy rules

Built for web

Google Analytics started for tracking web sites and user interface reflects this phenomenon. Mobile analytics has its own rules, user experience and data visualization paradigm, which are not addressed in GA.

Whitelabel, self-hosted and complete solution

Enterprise Edition comes with features no other vendor can provide, including advanced push notifications, mobile analytics, crash reporting, user profiles, referral analytics and more. Protect user data and other proprietary information by ensuring it never leaves your data center.

(private cloud options available)

Track and resolve crashes

Unlike Google Analytics, Countly’s crash reporting dashboard allows you to classify crashes according to their resolution. You can mark a crash resolved and it’ll never appear again. Mark it unresolved to take care of it later with your developers. Crash reports have lots of details to help you identify and resolve issues, including but not limited to application version, platform, screen resolution, RAM, disk, battery level, operating system and platform.

Re-engage your users anywhere, anytime with push messaging

10-minute setup

Countly SDK installs in less than 15 minutes and provides an easy to use environment to develop debug push messages.

Analytics integration

Unlike Google Analytics, Countly push notifications are tightly integrated with analytics features. This gives you an overall view of application behavior when they receive a push notification.

True real-time

Thanks to powerful Countly backend, you can monitor the conversion of your push notifications in real-time, without having to wait for hours to see first results.

Available for iOS and Android

Countly push notifications are available for world’s major smartphone platforms, iOS and Android.