Modernize Data Privacy to Put the Personal Back Into Personalization

“Despite having lower trust in brands to use their data ethically, millennials are more willing to provide companies with information in exchange for personalized experiences.”

According to Gartner, “When thinking about the CX, the foundational component is competency and the endgame is fulfillment, or delivery (of a solution to the customer’s problem). Successful delivery requires knowing the customer — that is, customer data. The collection, use and sharing (including with third parties) of customer data has never been more critical, yet most organizations struggle to do this successfully. And if organizations are not mindful, customers are likely to be wary of disclosing their data without receiving transparency and value in return.”

We believe that this Gartner report on how to “Modernize data privacy to put the personal back into personalization” delves into how organisations need to address privacy so that they achieve both - customers’ trust and enhanced CX through personalisation.

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Gartner, Modernize Data Privacy to Put the Personal Back Into Personalization, 28 February 2019, Lydia Clougherty Jones, Penny Gillespie, Melissa Davis

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