Whitelabel. Rebrand. Sell.

Using Countly, introduce your own branded mobile analytics and push notifications service to your customers. Stop sending your clients elsewhere for their analytics and provide them more value yourself. Don’t waste time and effort building an analytics platform when you can leverage Countly for a fully customized solution.

White labeling analytics has never been easier

Your product name, logo and domain

Your product name, logo and domain

Rebranding gives you complete control and a professional look and feel with your service. Change Countly so it reflects your company’s look and feel and helps enhance your brand’s value.
Automate everything with extensive API

Automate everything with extensive API

With Countly’s API, it’s straightforward to a customized UI or even integrate Countly functionality into your existing applications. Everything you see on dashboard can be automated easily with extensive API set.
Easy integration with single sign on (SSO)

Easy integration with single sign on (SSO)

With Countly’s SSO platform, you can integrate Countly dashboard into your own product, and never look back. Your customers will login to your dashboard and see their business related KPIs easily.

You support your customers, we support you

You support your customers, we support you

Give customers a full-featured mobile analytics and push notifications as a white label solution and we take care of the rest by providing you with top-notch support.

Extreme business flexibility

Either hosted or on-premise

Full source code gives companies and individuals the advantage of extending the platform as they need by creating custom reports, changing existing views or visualisations as well as integrating their existing data related processes to Countly.

Use your own domain

Run Countly on a domain you control

Use your own domain to maintain a professional appearance to your customers. Create customer login credentials either by hand or via APIs, direct them to your domain (e.g stats.company.com) so they can gain insights about their mobile apps.

Successful use cases

Insider integrates Countly to kickstart its analytics platform

Insider is a digital experience platform for marketers, having more than 80 employees located globally. Insider needed a proper analytics platform for its predictive modelling, segmentation and optimization service stack. Instead of writing one from scratch, Insider has opted in to integrate Countly.

Readmore uses Countly for its publisher analytics service

Readmore, a global publisher, needed an analytics platform for its services. Using Countly, Readmo.re customers have access to a number of useful, real-time metrics that helps understand users and their behavior. This information is then used to improve product and readers’ experience.

Frequently asked questions

Which editions can be white labeled?

The Countly Enterprise Edition can be white labeled and rebranded with your own logo and colors.

Which parts of Countly can be rebranded?

With Countly’s existing UI, you can rebrand logo, main link and text colors (via CSS) and login screen. You can also write your own plugins to provide additional features. Using Countly’s full-featured API, you can create completely new UIs that can display Countly data and deliver full Countly functionality.

Do I have to host Countly Enterprise myself?

Only if that is your preference. We provide private cloud hosting for Countly Enterprise where we manage and scale everything for you. You still get to keep your data safe, use your own domain and SSL certificate if you choose this option.

What is my reselling price?

You pay a fixed fee to us to license Countly and then you decide for yourself how you price your service and bill customers.

Is there a demo available?

Yes, using a visual telco, we can guide you through a step-by-step demo of Countly Enterprise Edition and answer all questions you might have.

I want to start now!

Sure! Please get in contact with us and we’ll discuss how you can benefit from this program.



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