Get full potential of your web page by identifying your customers, track revenues and understand how users interact with your pages on a real-time dashboard.


Focus on your web service, customers and acquisition. Leave the web analytics business to your trusted partner.

Customer Profiles

Understand what customers do on your web page, by examining profiles, purchase history and sessions. More information

Acquisition & Attribution

Learn where your users are referred from (eg Facebook, Twitter) and track your web user acquisition campaigns. More information

Ecommerce Performance

Get latest purchase information about your web service and get insights about customer lifetime value by calculating purchases.

Conversion Funnels

Track goal completion rates step by step inside your web application and understand where potential customers leave your app.

Product Statistics

Understand which products are performing in real-time. See which customers spend more time in those products.

Web Crash reports

See which customers are affected by web & Javascript crashes & exceptions, and take necessary precautions. More information 

White label

Countly web analytics is business friendly, allowing you either use your own server for hosting, or our servers, where we do the heavy maintenance work.

Custom events

Send any type and kind of custom data, including user data, from your web service and visualize later to investigate more deeply.

Data Export

Countly’s open architecture lets you extract data either via well-defined APIs or direct from our database, which eliminates risk of vendor lock-in.

Countly is a complete web analytics with SSL encryption, geo tracking, complete API, clickpaths & flows, email stats, country reporting and more.

web customer profile

Track & understand your customers

Countly Profiles enables you to track everything you need to know about your customer and how they use your apps.

Track information like name, email, location and gender, or add custom data. Understand what they have been doing in your application, by examining their profile pages, purchase history and sessions.

Visualize user paths in your site

Flows shows you a graphical representation of how your users navigate through your app by visualizing the events they generate in sequence. You can start from any event and get information about the percentage and number of users passing that particular point. This provides invaluable insights into how users are actually using your app and identifying previously unanticipated user behavior.

(Available Q4, 2016)

user flows
web user funnels

How well are users are succeeding or failing at each step?

Funnels are used to track the goal completion rates of a step by step path inside your application. This gives you a powerful insight about completion ratios of specific actions.

With the help of Funnels, you can visualize the steps your customers take to complete a specific task, and quickly understand how well they are doing at each step.

Understand what users do at your site

Heatmaps help you understand how users are interacting with your pages, where they are clicking at, and what their entire journey is. With heatmaps, you don’t have to try to understand numbers and get reports from your analysts, but get click data insights for your web page.


Web analytics features at a glance

  • All sites overview
  • Completely real time dashboard
  • Last visiting users
  • Funnel visualization
  • Annotations
  • Custom events
  • Geolocation
  • Bot tracker removal
  • Drill down granular data
  • Javascript crash reporting
  • Attribution analytics (source tracking)
  • Browsers and devices
  • Segmentation
  • Time spent on pages
  • Campaign tracking
  • Desktop vs mobile comparison
  • User profiles
  • Heatmaps
  • Bounces, exits and entries


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