Improve your analytics skills

Countly training is the best way to ensure you have the skills and knowledge required to understand how Countly works

Welcome to Countly’s training center for professionals. Countly provides extensive documentation to install, configure and manage the Countly Mobile Analytics Platform. You also may want to get first class training from Countly training staff, increasing your analytics knowledge. Whether you are new to Counly, or an expert users, our training courses will maximize your productivity.

Our training program is twofold:

  • Marketing Professionals Training (1 day, on-site)
  • Technical Professionals Training (1 day, on-site)

On-site training benefits

  • Courses can be planned around the world, fitting the place and timeplan of your organization.
  • Courses enable every employee to get the maximum benefit.
  • Course materials can be tailored to fullfill company requirements.
  • Training videos can be shared inside the organization for future use.
  • Allows the marketing and technical team to speed up learning.

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Training options

Get an overview of course description, learning outcomes, prerequisites and agenda for:

  • Marketing Professionals
  • Technical Professionals