Unified mobile analytics & marketing platform on a single dashboard

Ask questions. Get answers

General-purpose analytics products only show you basics. Countly gives you all details about users, mobile device, application versions, countries and everything you collect with custom events.


Create powerful queries. No SQL needed.

Countly’s interactive user interface allows you answer complex and interactive questions by drilling down to granular data. Easily understand your user’s engagement, retention and application growth in time.

Some of the queries Countly can answer

Show all rides with Car type “Luxury” with a duration higher than 20 minutes and show the report on a pie chart segmented by Coupon.

Show all top 10 devices which are most used in my game among users from North America, and visualize it on a bar chart.

Visualize all my customers who made an in-app purchase of a sword and has an iPhone6 Plus, and show them on a map.