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Can you keep your customers using your app?

Retention is one of the most important metrics of visualizing and analyzing customer usage behaviour. Countly provides daily, weekly and monthly retention breakdown, with an eye-catching user interface, so you can get an insight of how often your users return and engage with your application.

Know who’s churning

The most important and critical part of understanding whether a user really likes your application is to know how engaged he is. Countly has several methods to understand engagement level, and slipping away users plugin is one of them. With this plugin, you can see users who didn’t have a session for more than 7, 14, 30, 60 or 90 days – and even view user list for each group and send a message.

See session durations at once

Session duration shows how long your customers use your application – Countly can provide detailed session duration information for each session bucket, e.g 1-3 minutes, 3-10 minutes. This shows how tied your customers are to your app, and is an important engagement factor.

Get feedback from your users

Do you want to get how your users would be rating your application? With this simple SDK, it’s now possible. Just add a line of code in your iOS and Android SDK, and when it’s right time, your users will see a small, unobtrusive popup with a 1-5 start rating. Timely.