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Mobile analytics is extremely popular nowadays. If you cannot measure your app performance, you have no chance to improve it, hence increase your downloads. Countly provides several open source SDKs for mobile analytics, desktop analytics, flash game analytics, facebook analytics and more. Whether you have one app only for mobile, or several applications across different domains (e.g mobile, desktop, tablet), our dashboard gives a unique overview of your application performance.

Countly is built with an open source approach in mind - we believe this drives innovation, helps product be more capable than other proprietary products and provides a more secure platform, ready for enterprise. This is true indeed - while we are a team of four, more than 30 developers helped us shape our product by sending their patches, writing SDKs and providing bugfixes.

Countly’s open, flexible architecture allows developers to make modifications and additions to suit their needs. Our Javascript backend fueled with Node.js and MongoDB is a perfect match for seasoned developers. Out of the box, we provide necessary user friendly documentation so making additions is a snap. You’ll love all the modern, open source, developer friendly technologies and frameworks we use to build Countly.

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