Countly Features

This page gives a list of current Countly features. This is a live page, and will be updated as more features drop in. For a comparison between Community, Cloud and Enterprise Editions, see comparison table.

1. General features

2. Mobile analytics features

  • Countly Drill (*)
  • Countly Funnels (*)
  • Number of online users widget (*)
  • Retention calculation & cohorts (*)
  • Revenue analytics (*)
  • Custom event tracking with segmentation
  • General dashboard view showing top platform, carrier, users
  • Country-based tracking
  • User tracking
  • User loyalty tracking
  • Session tracking
  • Session frequency tracking
  • Device type and model tracking
  • Carrier tracking
  • Application version tracking
  • Platform and platform version tracking
  • Advanced user management to add administrators or users to an application or create global administrators to manage everything
  • Offline tracking
  • Data export feature for 3rd party visualization/BI apps

(*) Available in Cloud Edition and Enterprise Edition

3. Device SDKs

Client libraries (SDKs) are available for mobile devices (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone), desktop applications and Flash (e.g Facebook) pages. See a list of SDKs supported by Countly and community.

4. Countly API features

  • Clean, well documented API
  • Countly Read API to retrieve data from server
  • Countly Write API to send mobile data to the server

5. Installation & technical

  • Straightforward installation on a Linux server
  • Tested on Ubuntu's latest versions (Community Edition)
  • Tested on Red Hat (Enterprise Edition)
  • Features MongoDB, Node.js and Nginx
  • Installable on Heroku - Community contribution by Gabriel Rinaldi
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