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What's Countly?

Countly is an innovative, real-time, open source mobile analytics application. It collects data from mobile phones, and visualizes this information to analyze mobile application usage and end-user behavior.

How does Countly differ from other analytics tools?

We believe that analytics software should be simple, incomplex and should just show the necessary information, using eye catching design. Moreover, some companies may want to own their data, requiring to have analytics servers in their own premises. Since Countly is open source, you can install Countly service on your server farm.

Moreover, Countly has a mobile application, so you do not have to use a browser to check latest status of your app.

How does Countly work?

Countly tracks mobile applications and mobile devices using a small plugin (SDK) that you integrate in your application in under 10 minutes. After you submit your application to relevant application store, Countly immediately starts collecting data.

How do I know when a new server version is available?

We distribute each version through our Sourceforge page. Countly changelog lists all Countly versions and corresponding changelogs. If you want to get notified when a new version is out, make sure you are subscribed to Countly newsletter.

Which languages does Countly support?

Countly supports more than 11 languages. Head over to Countly localization project and support us if your language is not in the list. Sending an email to us will suffice to start.

Where can I download Countly server and mobile SDKs?

All source code can be found on Github. Ready-to-install zip files for server and mobile SDKs are hosted on Sourceforge.

Why is Countly open source?

We want our application created not by a handful of developers, but hundreds. We want to discuss the future of Countly in an open, democratic environment. We want your ideas to put in the next release, so academics, businesses and SMEs can benefit immediately. Feel free to take part in our friendly community, and send your bug reports, feature requests, provide fixes and best practices.

What does the numbers in version names denote?

Versions are YY.MM.VV where YY and MM denote year and month when the release is submitted, and VV gives minor release number (if there's any) We'll try to keep time between each release roughly 8 weeks. For the curious, numbering resembles Ubuntu's release model

Which mobile operating systems are supported?

Countly officially offers integration with world's four leading smartphone operating systems, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry. However, Countly can also track desktop applications and any devices which are capable of sending HTTP requests in general. For a list of SDKs, see this page.

How can I use Countly for desktop analytics?

Countly uses same SDK for iOS and Mac OS X. Use this SDK to track your Mac OS X applications.

Can I check my stats from my iPhone?

Yes, we have a mobile app, available from iTunes. For more information and download links, see here.

Can I use one account for several applications?

Yes, one account can control more than one application.

How can I help you with your efforts?

Glad you asked. We need ideas, feedbacks and constructive comments. All your suggestions will be handled by one of our staff and will be taken care with upmost importance. If you are a developer, please fork our repositories and send pull requests.

If you want to see Countly in your own language, please join our localization efforts.

Do not forget to subscribe to our Twitter & Facebook pages, in order to follow our fast progress.

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