Enterprise Edition

Countly Enterprise Edition is a full-featured, open source, customizable, white-labeled, on-premise mobile analytics stack including Countly server, more than 10 SDKs, client API libraries, extensive documentation with full support from same team who developed Countly.

Countly Enterprise Edition includes certified OS support, more security features, more features (see Comparison Chart) priority patches, improving customer experience and reducing total cost of ownership while mitigating business risks and conforming to compliance standards required.

It’s ideal for:

  • Mobile and desktop gaming companies
  • Carriers, operators, telecom companies,hardware manufacturers having critical data, having to comply with regulations (e.g COPPA).
  • Service providers, hosting providers, platform developers, mobile-first organizations in need of providing actionable visual data for customers
  • Ad networks, digital agencies, mobile marketing companies looking to maintain full control of their mobile analytics strategy
  • Media companies with a high number of mobile apps.


Enterprises looking to manage their own analytics platform behind their platform will benefit from Countly Enterprise Edition. Our on-premise edition provides following advantages:

  • Unlimited users, applications and events
  • Horizontally scalable infrastructure
  • Built-in database and application server easily installable, with no additional software or license needed.
  • Installs on any standard x86 and 32/64 bit server hardware.
  • Installs on leading virtualization platforms like Xen, VMWare or Hyper-V.
  • Web based management console
  • Tested and stable platform updates
  • Prioritized support
  • Access to complete source code

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