Community Edition

Countly Community Edition is our open-source self-hosted version of the Countly mobile analytics platform. Countly is an open source and developer-friendly company, so we make sure that all core efforts of Countly staff is merged to Community Edition. Countly source code is available under a custom license, allowing you to download and install Countly to provide analytics service to your own applications.

We use Github to host our source code and track revision history. Sourceforge generously provides necessary disk space and bandwidth for Countly code and SDKs.


  • Free for personal and in-company use (see LICENSE)
  • Extensive set of mobile analytics features
  • Customizable to fit company or individual requirements
  • Enjoy open source technology
  • Deploy & integrate behind your firewall or preferred cloud service provider
  • Manage and administer your server
  • More than 10 SDKs, for mobile, desktop or Facebook analytics
  • Secure data transmission between server & client
  • Get forum support from community
  • iPhone & Android clients (soon!)
  • Access to extensive documentation
  • Access to Countly API

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