Web and Mobile Analytics for the Enterprise

Countly Enterprise provides a 360° view of your customer journey on mobile and web. Countly’s unique plugin architecture, rich default feature set, deployment flexibility and tailored SLA coverage makes it the perfect fit for mobile and web analytics needs of enterprises. 

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Industrial grade analytics

Know your users in detail. Engage them.

Countly’s extensive features gives companies the advantage of using one SDK and access to 360° of analytics, marketing, crash reporting, user profiles and segmentation. No need to use any 3rd party other than Countly, hence save time. 


User profiles 

Know your individual users

Attribution analytics 

Get accurate campaign information


Track retention and engagement

Push notifications 

Get users back to app

Crash reporting & analytics 

See errors of your iOS & Android app


Drill down with your data

User flows 

Visualise event paths of your customers


Create and share beautiful business dashboards

Security, privacy and data ownership

Mobile & web analytics you can depend on

Countly is world’s leading open source mobile & web analytics platform, with a breadth choice of deployment options, plugin based infrastructure, having completely open API and SDK and a HIPAA & COPPA compliant base.


Plugin based 

Build your own features on top

Open source code 

Community supported platform


Built for growth and scalability


Make Countly your own whitelabel product

Flexible deployment

On your own servers or virtual cloud

Countly tops in G2 Crowd's mobile analytics roundup. See how we are leading the world.

One platform for all, built for success

Your business grows with us

From professional services to custom development and partner programmes spanning industry and academy, Countly provides you full support from implementation, enhancement and towards the path building your business.


Professional services 

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Partner programs 

Grow & win big with Countly

Academic program 

Special programs for academics

Resources & docs 

Quality docs ensure your success

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Whitepapers & reports 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Countly Enterprise licensed?

Countly Enterprise is licensed on an annual subscription basis. We first hold a short Skype meeting to understand your use case and needs where we also come up with a deployment plan that will work best for you. SMB pricing is also available for qualified companies.

Can Countly Enterprise handle my user base?

Countly Enterprise is battle tested with deployments handling 300+ million users. Countly Enterprise is scalable out of the box, ability to handle virtually any size of user base.

Do I have to host Countly Enterprise myself?

We provide private-cloud edition of Countly Enterprise where we manage and scale everything for you. You still get to keep your data safe, use your own domain and SSL certificate if you choose a private-cloud edition.

What is included in the license?

Countly Enterprise comes with full source code and easy-to-use installation scripts for Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux with amazing set of features, including analytics, user profiles and crash reports. License also includes unlimited direct email support from our amazing team.

What are supported platforms? 

Countly supports Android analytics, iOS analytics, Windows Phone analytics, Windows desktop analytics, Mac OS X desktop analytics and more, spanning several platforms and languages.

What’s the difference between Community Edition and Enterprise Edition?

Countly EE contains extra features (e.g Funnel, Drill and User Profiles). It also has priority patching and upgrades. Enterprise Edition also comes with support agreement that includes all upgrades and software maintenance. You can also compare different editions.