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User profiles

Understand what users do individually, by examining profiles, purchase history and sessions

With User Profiles plugin, you can get insights from each and every user, and take actions. This plugin helps you understand what they have been doing in your application, by examining their profile pages, purchase history and sessions.

User Profiles gives detailed information such as,

  1. Username, email, full name, device & OS, carrier, phone number, age and language (some of which should be provided externally)
  2. A timeline showing all sessions and events
  3. Session history and all events corresponding to each session
  4. Funnel progress
  5. Unresolved crashes or errors user gets
  6. Custom properties in form of key-value

Note that when an IoT device is tracked, this plugin becomes “Device Profiles”.

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1.0: Initial version

2.0: Ability to show visitors (next to mobile users)