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Available plugins

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    Drill & segmentation

    Easily answer complex and interactive questions by drilling down to granular data.

    • Analytics
  • 521

    Device locale

    Display device locale and language metrics, to understand which languages are popular.

    • Analytics
  • 305

    Desktop analytics

    Plugin for adding desktop application types to Countly

    • Analytics
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    Density metric

    Allow gathering and displaying screen density metric for Android applications.

    • Analytics
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    Database viewer

    Provides a REST API and web interface to browse Countly MongoDB database content.

    • Reporting
    • Utilities
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    Data populator

    Populate Countly with random data, so you can have an understanding of how it works.

    • System
  • 1033


    Dashboards allow you to create custom dashboards for your applications

    • Analytics
    • Enterprise
    • Reporting
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    Crashes & errors

    See which users are affected by crashes and exceptions, and take necessary precautions. 

    • Crash reporting
  • 340


    Extensible plugin to compare multiple apps and custom events.

    • Reporting
  • 501

    Browsers metric

    Understand which browsers your incoming visitors to your web page are using.

    • Analytics