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    Ipip database

    Ipip is a geolocation plugin for Chinese cities, alternative to Maxmind

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    IoT Analytics

    This is a plugin for adding IoT (internet of things) application types to Countly

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    IDFA fix

    Fixes zero IDFA issue when Limit Ad Tracking is enabled

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    Enable geolocation-targeted push notifications for Enterprise Edition servers.

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    Track the goal completion rates of a step by step path inside your application.

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    View common event paths users follow in your application

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    Event logs

    This plugin logs metric, event and session requests initiated from Countly SDKs.

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    Error logs

    This plugin displays Countly server related error logs, which makes it easier to debug.

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    Enterprise info

    When installed, gives more information about Countly Enterprise Edition features.

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    Email reports

    Send analytics, push notifications and crash related reports to users.

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