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Countly changed the product analytics and marketing scene forever by creating a platform entirely built upon a plugin based architecture.
Thanks to this architecture, we not only differentiate our Enterprise and Community Edition offerings by plugins they come packed with, but also give our customers the chance to create plugins for themselves to extend or change the way product analytics data works for their business.
Plugin architecture brings another huge opportunity to the table; Our plugin development partners can list their plugins in the Countly Plugin Marketplace, charge a fixed/recurring fee for their plugin while taking advantage of the existing Countly customer base and underlying platform functionality.

Plugin Capabilities

Countly plugins are not limited in any way in terms of what they can do. You can create a plugin from scratch that stores its own data and introduces new visualisations or you can simply pull data from an external service and display it in the Countly UI.

A Countly plugin can;

Add custom views, reporting and visualisations to the Countly user interface
Store and query additional data types and structures
Expose new API end points and/or work with external APIs
Enrich the data recorded by other plugins
Change the way other plugins work or process data
Modify existing reports/visualisations or add extra widgets
Ipip Database
Compliance Hub
Jira Integration
Database Viewer
Online Users
Slipping Away Users
Web Analytics
User Restriction
Server Logs
Heatmaps for Web
AWS Kinesis Streaming
Filtering Rules
Config Transfer
Plugin Uploader
Browsers Metric
Two-factor Auth
Activity Maps
Data Populator
Push Approver
White Label
Source Metric
Crashes & Errors
Single Sign-On
Enterprise Info
Device Locale
User Profiles
Event Logs
Automated Push
Data Migration
User Retention
Email Reports
Mobile Analytics
Revenue Analytics
Performance Monitoring
Times of Day
Remote Config
Active Directory
IoT Analytics
A/B Testing
Data Manager
Rich Push Notifications
Audit Logs
Density Metric
Server Stats
Drill & Segmentation
vi Monetization
Desktop Analytics

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Development Resources

You can take advantage of guidelines listed below to speed up your plugin development process. If you would like to explore some existing plugins you can check out Countly Community Edition plugins.

If you need any help please do not hesitate to contact us or start a new discussion in Countly Forum.

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If you are ready to submit your plugin, please get in touch and we'll arrange an online meeting to go over the details.

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Plugin Marketplace
Get listed in the Countly Plugin Marketplace today, and reach 1000s of businesses that already trust Countly for product analytics.
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Events can be any transaction or interaction between your application and/or website and a user/visitor. Events can be customized to track the interactions that matter to your business.
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Push notifications allow you to send messages to your users to boost engagement, share news and/or offers, and also collect app performance data.
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Crash analytics allow you to monitor the performance of your application and/or website, as well as manage the resolution of these crashes (including Jira integration).
You can choose to self-host Countly on your company servers, or let Countly host and manage a private cloud-based deployment for you. In both cases, you retain 100% of data control.
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