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    White label

    Rebrand Countly Enterprise Edition easily

    • Utilities
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    Web analytics

    Plugin for adding web application types to Countly.

    • Analytics
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    User restriction

    Restrict specific users from accessing specific sections

    • User Profiles
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    User profiles

    Understand what users do individually, by examining profiles, purchase history and sessions

    • Users
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    Plugin for automated updates of Countly Community Edition server.

    • Server
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    Two Factor Authentication

    2FA plugin for use with Google/Microsoft Authenticator app

    • Server
    • System
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    System logs

    This plugin keeps logs of user actions, e.g logging in, creating a new app or similar.

    • Reporting
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    Star rating

    Shows ratings of users for your application

    • Analytics
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    Source metrics

    Displays the source of installations.

    • Analytics
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    Slipping away users

    Shows  which user have been seen last time they logged in

    • Analytics