Program Overview

Countly works with a number of partners to deliver real-time mobile analytics solutions to customers, based on Enterprise Edition. Countly offers customers top-notch, proven technology solving business challenges, through global network of leading software vendors, resellers, distributors and SIs. At Countly HQ, we recognize that our channel partners are the key to success.

All partner program members receive easy access to Countly Enterprise Edition, effective partner management and help structure, access to programs to help develop using our software so they can get focused on helping their customers achieve success.


Q: Does it cost anything to join the partner program?

A: For qualified partners, there is no fee for joining the program. We simply have 2-3 sessions on technical internals of Countly and mutually sign a partnership agreement and NDA. By time, we expand our relationship and hold more technical and customer meetings in order to increase your demo and sales ability.

Q: How do partners make money?

A: Our partner program allows you to resell and redistribute Countly Enterprise Edition, adding value to your existing customer base and providing a revenue stream for you. Countly staff is very attentive to enterprise customer satisfaction and thus partner success.

Q: How do I get trained?

A: In order to learn Countly Mobile Analytics Platform, we hold a series of Skype meetings and we'll explain you how Countly dashboard and Countly internals work. These meetings will last until you are completely satisfied and you feel safe during a customer demo.

Q: How many sales and technical staff should I have?

A: Number of technical and sales staff is up to you. Our partners handle L1 and escalate L2 requests to us. For L1, you gather customer’s information and determine customer’s issue by analyzing the symptoms and figuring out the underlying problem. For L2, we help you/customer in solving basic technical problems and for investigating elevated issues by confirming the validity of the problem and seeking for a known solution.

Q: Is my company a good fit?

A: This depends on your company and potential customer base. If you are in mobile space, have enterprise customer base, experience in mobility, mobile application management and mobile analytics in general, then why not go and contact us?

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