Unified mobile analytics & marketing platform on a single dashboard

Get more with funnels

Funnels are used to track the goal completion rates of a step by step path inside your application. This gives you a powerful insight about completion ratios of specific actions.

Merge with segmentation

Generating a funnel is straightforward and easy to understand. You also don’t need to create your funnel to be able to see the data for a past period – enjoy retroactive funnels. This, for example, is very valuable when you are doing mobile game analytics: You do not have to wait for hours for data to appear in your dashboard, unlike Google Analytics.

Connect with user profiles

Since all data in Countly is connected and related to each other, it’s possible to see who has completed a full funnel, or have been able to reach a specific step. This way, you can also send messages to your users, to congratulate or inform them about their achievement.

Most common uses of Countly funnels

Tracking in app purchase conversions, understanding the paths that lead to IAPs and optimizing them

Understanding which level or part of your application & game users tend to leave completely.

Performing A/B testing analysis to see which versions perform better, and act according to results