Multiple metrics. Single dashboard.

Countly is a unified mobile & web analytics and marketing platform for enterprise

Real-time dashboard

Dashboard data should be real-time and not hours or even days old. Whatever you see on Countly dashboard, from funnels to drill, from in-app purchase to customer engagement – are true real-time. No more waiting to see your data appear. Try it for yourself!

Mobile app & game analytics with in-app purchase data

Speed is king. Why wait for hours trying to get latest in-app sales data, rather than immediately seeing everything on Countly dashboard? Countly gives you an overview of revenue, average revenue per user (ARPU), average revenue per paying user (ARPPU), number of paying users and more.

Several SDKs to choose from

In addition to Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Javascript, Countly provides more SDKs for more platforms than any other analytics platforms, thanks to Countly’s open source nature and contributions from our community.

Justify your insights with events

Custom events is a flexible method of collecting data from your mobile apps and web apps. Once you define custom events in your SDK, you can fill in Countly dashboard with any type of data you want, including in-app purchase, button click, address update, credit card saving and much more.

You can also provide a custom event with any segmentations. For example, you can create a sign up event with credit card type, user type (e.g paid or upgrade) and amount.

Enhance and extend with plugins

Available for Community and Enterprise Edition, Countly’s extensible plugin architecture enhances your core Countly. With plugins, you can get most out of your business by only enabling only the features you need and disabling those you don’t.

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