Web and Mobile Analytics for the Enterprise

Countly Enterprise provides a 360° view of your customer journey on mobile and web. Countly’s unique plugin architecture, rich default feature set, deployment flexibility and tailored SLA coverage makes it the perfect fit for mobile and web analytics needs of enterprises. 

Secure, self hosted and complete solution

Enterprise Edition comes with features no other vendor can provide, including advanced push notifications, mobile analytics, crash reporting, user profiles, referral analytics and more. Protect user data and other proprietary information by ensuring it never leaves your data center.

(private cloud options available)

Privacy-aware, in-house analytics

Fully rebrandable & whitelabel solution for the enterprise

Full source code gives companies and individuals the advantage of extending the platform as they need by creating custom reports, changing existing views or visualisations as well as integrating their existing data related processes to Countly.

Only Countly Enterprise Edition can give you the flexibility to build your own analytics platform, extensible with plugins, custom development options and professional services.

Get deep in your own data

Collecting, storing and getting insights has never been easier

Countly’s flexible, open data model helps you extract and mine your own data, in your own data center. Countly API helps you fully understand insights and get more reporting options for CXO needs. Moreover, Countly is based on MongoDB, world’s leading NoSQL database, which allows you to query data in a granular fashion.

Service agreements & customized support

Leave the hard work to your dedicated account manager

Enterprise Edition comes with a dedicated account manager and personal support. We provide training and integration assistance and increase your experience with Countly dashboard. We have the practice and knowledge understanding to comfortably take on the liability and responsibility of your organization operations.

Reach us at our number to speak with sales

Keep your data safe

Keep your data safe

Companies with a focus on data security and compliance choose Enterprise Edition, as critical data never leaves their infrastructure.

Scalable out of the box

Scalable out of the box

Countly has a horizontally scalable infrastructure to handle hundreds of millions of users to answer your complex analytics needs.

Easily Customizable

Easily Customizable

Analytics has never been “one size fits all”. With Countly, you can focus on your business, instead of getting locked in with proprietary solutions.

Powerful Features

Powerful Features

Countly Enterprise Edition provides you all features including detailed segmentation, real-time analytics, retention and custom events.

Flexible deployment

Flexible deployment

Install Enterprise Edition either on company premises, or let Countly engineers do the dirty work for you, deploying Countly on private cloud.

Rebrandable & whitelabel

Rebrandable & whitelabel

Establish your own business based on Countly and integrate with your infrastructure, using your own logo and brand. Get more information.

Live Apps
Billion Events/mo

Frequently asked questions

How is Countly Enterprise licensed? Countly Enterprise is licensed on an annual subscription basis. We first hold a short Skype meeting to understand your use case and needs where we also come up with a deployment plan that will work best for you. SMB pricing is also available for qualified companies.

Can Countly Enterprise handle my user base? Countly Enterprise is battle tested with deployments handling 300+ million users. Countly Enterprise is scalable out of the box, ability to handle virtually any size of user base.

Do I have to host Countly Enterprise myself? We provide private-cloud edition of Countly Enterprise where we manage and scale everything for you. You still get to keep your data safe, use your own domain and SSL certificate if you choose a private-cloud edition.

What is included in the license? Countly Enterprise comes with full source code and easy-to-use installation scripts for Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux with amazing set of features, including analytics, user profiles and crash reports. License also includes unlimited direct email support from our amazing team.

Does Countly Enterprise fit my use case? Default licensing covers the use case where you use Countly Enterprise for your own applications or for applications that you develop for your clients. If you would like to integrate Countly into another product you will need an ISV license.

What’s the difference between Community Edition and Enterprise Edition? Countly EE contains extra features (e.g Funnel, Drill and User Profiles). It also has priority patching and upgrades. Enterprise Edition also comes with support agreement that includes all upgrades and software maintenance. You can also compare different editions.

What are supported platforms? Countly supports Android analytics, iOS analytics, Windows Phone analytics, Windows desktop analytics, Mac OS X desktop analytics and more, spanning several platforms and languages.



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