Countly is world’s leading open source mobile & web analytics, marketing, user profiles and crash reporting solution for enterprises and SMBs.

With over 11.000+ apps and more than 2000+ running servers worldwide, Countly’s solution offers companies complete flexibility and control over your mobile needs.

Countly’s complete mobile & web analytics solution, intuitive administration interface and scalable platform gives you deep understanding of your user insights.

General features

  • Self hosted (on-premise) platform
  • Data privacy & security
  • Whitelabel (rebrandable)
  • Complete data ownership & extraction capability
  • Plugin based, extensible system
  • Administrative roles based on type of users
  • Login via email or username
  • Countly Assistant
  • Multiple, custom dashboards
  • API based dashboard
  • Read and write APIs
  • Multiple application support
  • See all application performance in dashboard
  • Real-time dashboard
  • Online help system
  • Custom email reporting
  • Multi-language support
  • AWS Kinesis event storage support
  • HTTPS connectivity
  • Centralized management
  • Create, edit or remove a user
  • Create, edit or remove an application
  • Timezone definition
  • IAP event key definition
  • Purging application data 
  • Sample data populator

Mobile analytics

  • Total sessions
  • Total users
  • New users
  • Returning users
  • Total sessions
  • New sessions
  • Unique sessions
  • Countries
  • Devices
  • Resolutions
  • Platforms
  • Application versions
  • Attribution (referral) tracking
  • User flows
  • Push notification approval process
  • Screen density
  • Device language
  • Time spent
  • Average time spent
  • Average requests received
  • Top platform, resolution, carrier and users
  • Carriers
  • Platforms
  • User retention
  • User loyalty
  • Session frequency
  • Session durations
  • Custom events with segmentation
  • Drill down of custom events and features
  • Funnels (filters)
  • In-app purchase revenues
  • Average revenue per user
  • Average revenue per paying user
  • Total paying users
  • Paying/non-paying users ratio
  • Star rating (1-5 stars)
  • Slipping away users

Web analytics

All features in mobile analytics, excluding push notifications, is available with web analytics. This includes crash reporting, user profiles, segmentation, drill, funnels and more.

  • All sites overview
  • Completely real time dashboard
  • Last visiting users
  • Funnel visualization
  • Annotations
  • Custom events
  • Geolocation
  • User flows
  • Bot tracker removal
  • Drill down granular data
  • Javascript error reporting
  • Attribution (referral) tracking
  • Browsers and devices
  • Segmentation
  • Time spent on pages
  • Campaign tracking
  • Desktop vs mobile comparison
  • User profiles
  • Heatmaps
  • Bounces, exits and entries

Crash analytics & crash reporting

  • Grouping of similar crashes
  • Total occurences of crashes
  • Unresolved / resolved crashes
  • Highest application version
  • Top OS version
  • Segmentation by OS version, app version, manufacturer
  • Segmentation by device, resolution, orientation
  • Crash platform (iOS / Android)
  • Number of occurences
  • Min/max/avg RAM
  • Min/max/avg disk
  • Min/max/avg battery
  • Mark as resolved / unresolved
  • Affected user percentage

Push notifications

  • Integrated with mobile analytics
  • Show delivery rate, enabling percentage and action percentage
  • Show all users and messaging-enabled users
  • Send now or schedule sending
  • Send message, sound, badge, custom data or any combination of these
  • Send to production or test devices
  • Send to two platforms at the same time
  • Send rich push (video & image sending)
  • Send push notifications with a URL
  • Send interactive push
  • Send localized push (in multiple languages)
  • Send notifications based on user timezone

User profiles

  • Integrated with mobile analytics
  • Custom user data
  • User name & surname
  • City and country
  • First & last seen time
  • App crashes per user
  • Engagement level
  • E-mail
  • Organization name
  • Gender / age
  • Total sessions
  • Session timeline
  • Event timeline
  • Total time spent
  • Last purchase date/time
  • Last purchase amount
  • Total purchase count and amount
  • Custom key-values for user
  • Funnel progress status

Attribution analytics

  • Create individual for various social media
  • Define costs per campaign
  • Notification of 3rd party services
  • Dashboard providing info about total / unique clicks, installs, revenue and sessios
  • Comparison of campaigns
  • Adwords campaign support
  • Adwords App Install support

Plugin based system

Countly comes with more than 30 plugins for both Community & Enterprise Edition. You can also write your own plugin, by extracting and visualizing data necessary for your company KPIs.

Some of the plugins include, but not limited to:


  • Block SDK requests based on user properties
  • Page access restriction
  • Register anonymous users
  • Segmentation of retention tables
  • Detailed system logs
  • Database viewer
  • Revenue analytics
  • Event logs
  • Data populator
  • Density metrics

Features specific to China

  • Ability to install on a server in China
  • Track apps in both international (Google Play) and Chinese (local Android app stores) markets.
  • Option to disable Google maps
  • IP address database specific to China, accurate to city-level
  • Complete Chinese user interface and documentation
  • Baidu campaign tracking




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