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Executive Summary

Founded in 2017, IrisVision provides wearable technology that helps people with degenerative eye problems see better. Powered by Samsung hardware and their own, proprietary software, IrisVision required detailed, strategy-driven analytics with which they could visualize the data obtained from their products in relation to one another, instead of just as simple metrics. The search for an analytics tool that could provide a deeper understanding of the customer-product behavior and engagement to positively influence product adoption, onboarding, product roadmap, and retention led to the selection of Countly.


IrisVision has been a client of Countly since July 2019. For this case study, we spoke with Adeel Bhatti, the Manager of Business Operations at IrisVision. As part of his multifaceted role, Adeel undertakes business analytics, process design and operations, growth projects, and risk management in product operations. He has been working on enhancing the customer experience and planning the product roadmap at IrisVision, and believes in a data-driven approach, for which he relies on Countly.
About IrisVision

IrisVision offers two products: IrisVision Live and IrisVision Inspire. They are both wearable, smart devices that enable persons with vision problems such as glaucoma to see better. The two products use different applications (based on their unique software). They use Countly for product analytics on both applications.

IrisVision primarily, but not exclusively, caters to adults, especially those older than 60 years of age. In order to ensure that their customers get the most out of their product, IrisVision provides each customer with a personal coach. The Support Coach is responsible for teaching new customers how the IrisVision products work, how they can operate the many commands (such as voice and touch commands), and how they can use the many modes created for different purposes (such as entertainment, social engagement, environmental engagement, and so on). Adeel said, “We are heavily reliant on data to understand what our customers need during this onboarding process so that we can update to their requirements, as well as to learn how our users use the product so that we can ensure complete ease of use.”

Working with Countly to be Data-Driven

In the past two years, IrisVision has achieved various improvements in the product and customer journey, through Countly data. According to Adeel, “We’ve been able to better plan and execute roadmaps for the product and updates. Using Countly, we’ve been able to identify trends in how customers use the product, what modes are accessed through voice command versus touch, points of friction in any commands, and more. This way, we’ve been keeping customer experience central to our product roadmap.”
Countly has also helped IrisVision improve retention. Adeel mentions that, “We’re able to see how often users have logged in, and cross-reference that with anything new we do, such as changes on the product end, any promotions run, any increased efforts in existing customer support, etc. And then, we run tests on the basis of this data. This has helped us identify what works for and against customer retention.”
“We’ve been able to better plan and execute roadmaps for the product and updates.”
“Customer journey optimization has been key for us,” Adeel adds. “We want customers to be able to use the product easily and comfortably, and our product updates aim to increase the intuitiveness with which our customers can use the product. Countly has consistently helped us with this.” Understanding the ideal customer journey was crucial for the coaching support model. It was important for IrisVision to understand what people required to get started, what features they like the most and use most frequently, and where they may be facing challenges so as to develop the right coaching sessions’ plan for each stage, from onboarding to ongoing support. “We used Countly to identify trends,” Adeel says, “so that we could plan these coaching sessions better. How many coaching sessions should we have? What should they contain? This helped us make sure that crucial details were provided within the first session itself, improving ease of use.”
Countly also helped them monitor where the customer journey was breaking down, for example, when moving from one mode to another. This allows the coaches to pre-empt these challenges and provide the right information so that customers do not face these issues, while also enabling product enhancements and improvements.
Countly has also been instrumental in the future plans and growth of IrisVision. Adeel says, “We plan app releases and updates through Countly’s detailed data, especially with IrisVision Inspire, which is very new. The data is giving us a deeper understanding of how customers are using the product, which is directly impacting its development plan - what the next product sprint looks like, what the next update will contain, what the development team will be working on and so on. So we’re continuously going through this cycle from product to use to feedback, which we incorporate into future releases, and then the cycle begins again.”
Equally important to the future-outlook are the specifications in retention data. Why does the retention of people who logged in in July for the first time differ from those who logged in in October for the first time? “We use Countly to dig deeper into this data,” Adeel adds. “We apply filtering such as days and times of day of use, and incorporate this information into the roadmap too.”

Countly Features that IrisVision Loves

When asked about which feature Adeel and his team rely on the most, he said, “We focus on different features every day and we have some favorites, but what I love the most about Countly is the integration of data - the way the information from one feature ties into another and pulls from another. This gives us a complete, comprehensive view of customer behavior and product performance.” Added to this is the support that Countly provides, which not only ensures that any hiccups are quickly resolved, but that also works with IrisVision to help them set up and track the right information.

Coming to specific features, there are few amongst the wide range that Countly provides that Adeel lists as his favorites:

Drill, due to its filtering capability, and the depth of information it can provide
Dashboard, which is easily customizable to track the metrics that matter the most
Reports, which is appreciated for the ease of reference it brings
Flows, especially the ability to develop flows on the fly; this has been very helpful because there is no need to specify, in advance, what the team needs to see - the automatic population allows easy customer behavior flow identification
User Profiles, which ties into all the above and brings significant granularity of data

Recommending Countly

Very happy with Countly, Adeel recommends the product analytics and innovation tool to other companies. The use of Countly has led to better journeys and reduced product performance issues for IrisVision customers. According to Adeel, “I would definitely recommend Countly for the ‘power of analytics’ it brings, the extent of what it can do, and the support provided by the Countly team, which answered all questions and concerns to ensure that we got the most out of the platform.”

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