Crash reporting analytics for mobile & web

Countly monitors the stability of your Android, iOS and web applications and helps increase user satisfaction with your mobile apps. With the help of its real-time infrastructure, Countly shows which errors are trending in real-time, which users are impacted, and helps identify crashes by OS, device, carrier, and other factors so that developers can remedy issues more quickly.


Integrating crash reports is as easy as 1-2-3

Insert Countly SDK into your iOS, Android, Windows Phone or web apps

Start collecting crashes, exceptions and anomalities from your apps

View crash data on dashboard and take necessary actions

Smart grouping, instant visibility

Group, segment and dive into crash related data

Countly Crash Analytics’ smart grouping and crash segmenting identifies similarities in crash reports, making it easier to quickly find out the root causes of crashes and fix them. Detailed crash segmentation by any user properties is a game changer in iOS & Android crash reporting market that no other vendor can provide out of the box.

Track and resolve crashes

Never underestimate issues. Find them before others.

Countly’s crash reporting dashboard allows you to classify crashes according to their resolution. You can mark a crash resolved and it’ll never appear again. Mark it unresolved to take care of it later with your developers. Crash reports have lots of details to help you identify and resolve issues, including but not limited to application version, platform, screen resolution, RAM, disk, battery level, operating system and platform.

Security and privacy is at core

Critical crash data information stays on your servers

With Countly’s open source SDKs, you are not bound to 3rd party services and SaaS platforms. When used as on-premise (self-hosted) crash reporting solution, all personal identifiable information contained in crash reports is 100% private and secure, allowing you to conform with regulatory and privacy standards.

Minimum footprint, maximum performance

Deeper insights with powerful yet lightweight SDK

Countly SDKs for iOS, Android and Javascript include crash reporting capabilities so you do not have to use another SDK for push notifications, mobile analytics and tracking referral sources. With only one SDK and integrated platform, Countly SDK has the least impact on application performance. Because Countly’s SDKs are open-sourced, you also have complete visibility into how they work and you are not completely dependent on us to address any issues you might encounter with other SDKs.

Beautiful reporting, built with end user experience

Data collected

Crash error info:

  • Error stack
  • Fatal or non-fatal
  • Crash log
  • Running time
  • Custom key-values

State of device:

  • Current RAM usage
  • Total RAM
  • Current disk usage
  • Total disk
  • Current battery usage
  • Total battery
  • Orientation

Device metrics:

  • OS and version
  • Manufacturer
  • Device
  • Resolution
  • Application version
  • CPU type
  • Version of OpenGL

Other device status:

  • Rooted or not
  • Jailbroken or not
  • Online or not
  • Airplane mode or not

Frequently asked questions

Does Countly group crashes?

When a crash data is captured by server, platform checks whether it has the same fingerprint as one of the previous crash stack trace. In case of a similarity, those two crash reports are merged. This helps unclutter the dashboard.

Is crash reporting a separate product?

Javascript (web), iOS & Android crash reporting and analytics is a plugin that is integrated into Countly Enterprise Edition. Therefore it’s not provided as a single, separate feature but is a part of a complete mobile analytics solution.

Is crash reporting available for Mac & Windows apps?

Yes. Countly can also track desktop applications (aka desktop analytics). Mac crash reporting and Windows crash reporting is also available with Countly, using corresponding SDKS.

Is it possible to share crash reports? 

Yes, sharing crashes with anyone who has an internet connection is easy. Head to a specific crash page, click on Share button on top right and your crash report will be shared with anyone having its link.

Do you support metadata?

You can add custom logs only to be delivered in case of a crash, independent of custom events. Moreover, you can set custom segments to specify which external libraries and frameworks are included in your project and their versions.

Do you capture exceptions?

Yes, system signals (iOS) and uncaught exceptions (iOS & Android) are automatically handled by the Countly SDKs. You can also submit exceptions handled by yourself as well.



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