Countly vs Adobe Analytics

Countly is an Adobe Analytics alternative.

Here’s why you should consider switching…

Flat & simple pricing

Say no to complex pricing models. Countly’s reasonable and predictable pricing model is a non-blocker for your business to grow.

Complete solution

With Countly, you get a complete mobile application management platform, including complete mobile analytics, crash reports, user profiles, push notifications and attribution analytics.

Accessible at heart

Implementing and maintaining Countly is simple – setup requires only 30 minutes, including SDK integration.

Pricing starts from $$$

Why pay a lot for the features you will unlikely use? Say no to complex diagrams, cumbersome graphs, metrics that don’t provide meaningful results.

Tied to analytics

When you buy Adobe Analytics solution, you have to buy 3rd party services for crash reporting to work. This results in a more complex, more expensive solution to handle within your organization.

Hard to implement

Great complexity (implementation & maintenance). Setup can take weeks, if not months.

Make your ultimate decision based on the following assessments

Cost of implementation
Your available time & resources
Possible additional and hidden costs
Openness and customizability of platform

Whitelabel, self-hosted and complete solution

Enterprise Edition comes with features no other vendor can provide, including advanced push notifications, mobile analytics, crash reporting, user profiles, referral analytics and more. Protect user data and other proprietary information by ensuring it never leaves your data center.

(private cloud options available)