Real-time mobile analytics platform Countly is built and run by 5 domain experts in mobile apps, databases, design and web services. Since their expertise scaled up well, they came together and started thinking about how to exploit this knowledge for both the community and themselves. Slowly beginning to think about merging these domains, Countly was born. It took a night to decide on the name, a week to find out the right technology, a month to finish up the first analysis and half a year to complete what you have seen in the demo, but it's only the beginning of a series of disruption and innovation in mobile.

Now Countly runs over 1000 servers, tracking 5000+ apps, 2.8B events/mo in 93 countries.

Our vision

We opened up shop with a confidence that even boring-looking analytics can be fun to learn, use and experience, without compromising great features. We make analytics available and actionable for everyone, you and your collaborators - leveraging the power of open source.

Our values

  • Drive innovation by bringing industry changing ideas from mind to market
  • Provide leading open source mobile analytics platform with the help of community
  • Give highest value to businesses with a strong communication and commercialization strategy

Our business

Countly provides both enterprise and open source solutions and business value on top. Our solutions are sold via subscription for Cloud and Enterprise. It’s the best way for us to build a quality ecosystem driven by open souce methodologies. We always release the latest version to the community so it gets tested, deployed and used by thousands of businesses throughout the world.

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