Power of open source meets analytics

Install Countly Community Edition on your server and start getting actionable insights from your users immediately.

Built on industry standards

In Countly we live and breath open source. We make sure that everything we build either uses open source at the base level, or uses industry standards. At the heart of Countly there’s MongoDB, Node.js, Nginx and Expressjs.

Countly uses more than 30+ open source components.

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  • Manage and administer your server
  • More than 10 SDKs for Android, iOS & WP analytics
  • Secure data transmission between server & client
  • Get forum support from community leaders
  • iPhone & Android clients

Countly supports world’s leading mobile devices and web

Not only Countly offers native SDKs, but also development frameworks like Appcelerator Titanium and Unity3D, world’s leading cross-platform mobile application platforms.

Head over to our list of client libraries page to have a definitive list of our SDKs. Want to write your own? No problem – write us and we’ll help you roll your own SDK.

Full-stack API

Countly provides access to configuration data and user interface through its read and write API:

  • Write API is used to send data from devices to server. Each write API is specific to a device type and operating system.
  • Read API is used to read data from server in order to visualize this data in an understandable manner.

Countly mobile application

You won’t miss any valuable insights about your apps, whether you are in a meeting, on the road or just away from your desk.

Mobile clients for iOS and Android offer highly optimized usability and visualization platforms – this will help you check any of your app stat with the ease of a browser.

Mobile, web & desktop SDK support

Get up and running easily with 10+ SDKs

// Track sessions

// Track page views

// Track page views with a custom page name

// Track link clicks

// Submit event key, count and sum
Countly.sharedInstance().recordEvent(“purchase”, 1, 0.99);

// Submit event key and count with segmentation
HashMap<String, String> segmentation = new HashMap<String, String>();
segmentation.put(“country”, “Germany”);
segmentation.put(“app_version”, “1.0”);

Countly.sharedInstance().recordEvent(“purchase”, segmentation, 1);

// Submit a purchase event occurring 3 times
[Countly.sharedInstance recordEvent:@”purchase” count:3];

// Submit event occuring 2 times from Germany and app_version: 1.0
NSDictionary* dict = @{@”country”:@”Germany”, @”app_version”:@”1.0″};
[Countly.sharedInstance recordEvent:@”purchase” segmentation:dict];

// Level24 takes 344 seconds to complete,
// With a total point of 34578,
// From country: Germany, on app_version: 1.2

NSDictionary* dict = @{@”country”:@”Germany”, @”app_version”:@”1.2″};
[Countly.sharedInstance recordEvent:@”level24″ segmentation:dict count:2 sum:34578 duration:344];

Install on your favorite platform

Countly can run anywhere, in the cloud or on-premise – in a single, hybrid or multi-datacenter setup

Get help from community

Join our Slack team or send questions to our forum. Chat with Countly developers and hundreds of developers worldwide.

Join our Slack community and chat with hundreds of developers worldwide

Ask your question in our support forum and get direct support from Countly devs