Simplified mobile conversion tracking & install attribution analytics 

Countly helps you pinpoint your targeting, optimize your ad spending, and enables you to have a complete understanding of where your mobile app users originated and their on-going behavior. We help boost your ROI by helping you find out what is and what isn’t working with both your app and your app marketing.

Campaign tracking data in your fingertips. Simplified.

Countly user acquisition analytics generates a unique URL for each  campaign you run – regardless of whether you are using social media, web or mobile advertising, or something else (e.g SMS, email). When a user responds to your campaign by clicking on your link or advertisement, Countly automatically counts them as a “Click”.  If they install your app, Countly will then count as an “Install”.

Track user acquisition

Promoting your apps is important and necessary. It can also be time consuming especially since you have to monitor results frequently to track which marketing efforts have the most impact. Countly allows you to consolidate all this tracking so you can answer questions like:

“How many people clicked on your mobile application link?”
“How many people downloaded your app (eg. number of installs)?“
“Which campaign generated the most in-app revenue?”

Completely API driven

Just like other features, Countly Attribution Analytics is also API driven. You can add, remove or edit campaigns programmatically, add your own or a 3rd party ad network and build a complete install attribution analytics solution.

See your campaign in action

With Countly install attribution analytics, monitoring your campaign performance has never been easier. With real-time features, you can see who clicked on your link, compare all campaigns at once and decide which referrals provide the most value to your app. You can compare campaigns, by number of clicks clicks, installs and revenue, so you know where to spend your marketing budget.