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6 Sep 2021
Complimentary Gartner® Report on the 2021 Hype Cycle™ for Digital Banking Transformation
Which will be the game-changing technologies for the banking industry in the coming 5 years? Download our complimentary Gartner® report to learn how to unlock a successful digital transformation and where product analytics insights and data privacy fit in this process.
10 Aug 2021
Feature-bundling for the Save: Why a Data Point-based Invoice Makes Sense
Stop worrying about how many users you have or how many features you use and get your product analytics costs under control.
Blog Post
14 Jul 2021
The Dark Truth Behind Session Recording
Basing your product analytics strategy on screen recordings may backfire and end up costing you money or worse — your users’ trust.
Blog Post
10 Jun 2021
Crashes in Neobank, eBank, and Crypto-trading Apps Are Unforgivable — Crash Analytics is the Answer
What do you do after a crash? Panic? No! You make sure your clients stay with you by never giving them a reason to complain about it again.
Blog Post
12 May 2021
How to Use Product Analytics for SaaS Sales Pitches
The perfect pitch is the one that adapts to your prospect the most. And what if product analytics is what will make your pitch irresistible?
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28 Apr 2021
iOS 14.5 and Countly: a Match Made in the Clouds
Learn how Apple’s latest iOS release makes data transparency essential and is forcing apps to migrate to privacy-focused analytics tools.
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16 Apr 2021
The End of Facebook Analytics: Now What?
Don’t let the phase-out of Facebook Analytics catch you off guard; use this opportunity to find a 360° product analytics solution.
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25 Mar 2021
Why Is Your Crypto App Not Measuring NPS® (Properly)?
NPS measures not just loyalty but retention with advocacy. Learn why and how adding it to your strategy can save you clients — and money.
Blog Post
5 Mar 2021
Women In Tech: How Female Leadership Moves Countly
We celebrate IWD2021 sharing our leaders’ thoughts, beliefs, and tips for bringing success into a more equal world of tech.
Blog Post
26 Feb 2021
The Key Metrics That Fintech Product Managers Can’t Live Without
You too can discover which data-driven metrics to look for, where to find them, and how to convince your team of their importance.
Blog Post
12 Feb 2021
Why Should Data Privacy Be The #1 Concern Of Every Health App Developer?
With the amount of PII in health and wellness apps, privacy engineering and ethical design must guide their development without exception.
Blog Post
28 Jan 2021
Bringing Users In: How Voice of the Customer Can Change Your Product’s Development
VoC is the key input needed at every stage in the life cycle of your product. Discover the what, the how, and the why behind it.
Blog Post
15 Jan 2021
The role of customer experience in digital transformation
Digitalization is accelerating like never before. But can organizations keep up while exceeding their digital-first customers’…
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5 Nov 2020
Countly 20.11: Product analytics with superpowers
2020 has been a bizarre year for all of us. As a fully remote team from 18 countries, we had the unique chance to be informed about the…
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19 Oct 2020
The Countly Consultant Program
Countly is looking to partner with consultants who can earn and grow their own businesses by identifying potential clients.
Blog Post
1 Oct 2020
What is Application Performance Monitoring?
An application performance monitoring (APM) tool allows users to monitor the performance of applications with the goal of optimisation.
Blog Post
18 Sep 2020
The Economic Impact of Using Countly in Enterprises
In our report, The economic impact of using Countly in Enterprises , we convey the financial benefits of using the Countly Enterprise Edition. We prepared this report, with the help of our customers, to...
12 Aug 2020
Product managers: Tie in with customer analytics
Understanding how users are interacting with your app or product, and at which points you must engage with them (to boost monetization…
Blog Post
23 Jun 2020
Report: Digital Gold Mine of the Banking and Finance Industry — Analytics
BMW, Microsoft, SAP, CocaCola, Kaiser Permanente, Türk Telekom, TomTom, Kraken, Deutsche Telekom, Verizon and Wirecard are only some of…
Blog Post
22 Jun 2020
Digital Gold Mine of the Banking and Finance Industry: Analytics
In our report “Digital Gold Mine of the Banking and Finance Industry: Analytics”, we aimed to convey how the data you get from your users offers you a gold mine and how you can use it. We prepared...
27 Apr 2020
Countly 20.04: It is all about the end to end customer experience
We have had the honor of working with some of the world’s largest brands over the course of 7 years, helping them improve customer…
Blog Post
20 Feb 2020
How should product managers write documentation? Conveying the right message
Documentation is one of the most important and under-rated aspects of any open-source project.
Blog Post
7 Feb 2020
Keeping digital privacy with on-premises software
One day, everything will be in the cloud. Or at least that’s what cloud providers are hoping, and many are predicting. At first glance, it…
Blog Post
14 Jan 2020
A definitive guide to Remote Config: Use cases and examples
Remote Config plugin lets you change the behavior and appearance of your applications without a need to update them. It allows you to do…
Blog Post
5 Dec 2019
Using A/B tests to make smart decisions
A/B Testing has been widely used by many teams for the last couple of years, however it is mostly used as an escape hatch in order to end…
Blog Post
3 Dec 2019
How to get the most out of Custom Events: A step by step guide
All of our analytical products combine features built on engagement with your users. Almost all features are based on the “Custom Events”…
Blog Post
8 Nov 2019
What is California Consumer Privacy Act and how can I conform to it?
Over the last five years, corporations have been facing increasing pressure to protect customers’ privacy rights and to comply with…
Blog Post
17 Oct 2019
Nurturing your customers as much as your product
Many of you know what it feels like to be in love. To truly care about the other. To think about the other all the time. Many of you have…
Blog Post
3 Oct 2019
Security and Privacy in Open Source Software
Depending on who you listen to, open source software is either the most secure form of It solution, or the most risky. So who is correct?
Blog Post
25 Sep 2019
What should digital banking apps track?
As in all industries, digital transformation is taking place very fast in the banking sector. Almost all banks in the world now provide…
Blog Post
24 Jul 2018
Security & privacy features in product analytics
This video explains some of the security features in Countly.
Training Video
29 Jan 2018
Countly Enterprise Edition - feature overview
This video shows some of the most used and sought features of Countly Enterprise Edition for product managers and marketing managers. » What is Countly?
Training Video
9 Jan 2018
What is customer retention and why is it important?
Customer retention is the ability of a company to retain its customers over a period of time. It is both a measure of customer loyalty and the capacity of the business to keep customers satisfied...
5 Jan 2018
What is mobile analytics and how do different teams use it?
Mobile Analytics measures users’ interaction with the app in addition to metrics about the app itself, such as app installs, app launches, taps, screens, events, app versions, flows, user retention...
29 Dec 2017
What is web analytics?
Web Analytics is analysis of users’ activities, web pages, clicks, actions, events, flows and more, such as how many new users visited, from which countries, using which devices and browsers, whether they followed...
26 Dec 2017
Countly Fact Sheet - Testimonials, Overview and Our Objectives
Countly is world’s leading open source web & mobile analytics and marketing platform that is tracking 1B+unique identities on more than 14000 mobile applications.
23 Dec 2016
Countly Community Edition in 1 minute
Are you ready to learn all features of the open source Countly Community Edition for web & mobile analytics? » What is Countly? « Countly is world's leading ...
Training Video
9 Dec 2016
User on-boarding strategies: Review of best practices
In this guide, we’ll show you examples of common user onboarding strategies, as well as a list of key best practices for creating an optimal experience.
White Paper
1 Nov 2016
Take away items for a better mobile product manager
If you are a mobile product manager, this guide will help you towards getting acquainted with challenging and ever changing mobile technologies.
White Paper
2 Jul 2016
Push notifications – a review of best practices
This guide shows challenges of implementing push notifications and explains strategies to improve acceptability and success of push notifications.
White Paper
9 Apr 2016
Build your own in-house data analytics platform
In this document, we’ll briefly go over why you should be deploying extensible, plugin-based analytics platforms rather than building one yourself.
Technical Guide
9 Sep 2015
First steps to installing Enterprise Edition
As you start your installing your Enterprise Edition, there are a few different scenarios to consider. This document guides you with your first deployment.
Technical Guide
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